The Wind Project aims to encourage wider social participation and engagement in Sailing with the objective of building a stronger, more socially cohesive, local community, where these opportunities are available to all. The Project also aims to have a positive impact on the local and wider economy by broadening people’s horizons to the potential employment opportunities in the marine industry. By fostering a love of Sailing and the water, young people who participate in the Project’s activities will gain a greater awareness of the varied range of opportunities in the marine sector.

Project 1

RYA OnBoard Scheme for Local Schools

96 pupils will have 6 Sailing lessons each. 18 hours of Sailing per child. Curriculum focused Sailing lessons that encompass teamwork, determination, communication, independence, confidence, and creativity. For some of these children, it is a huge opportunity to be involved in an activity where they live. This remains a free activity for each school.

Project 2

RYA OnBoard Club

40 children and 12 adults having Sailing lessons, all under instruction, at weekends. Regular participation in recreational Sailing. 45 hours of Sailing per child and up to 12 hours per adult.

Project 3

RYA OnBoard Youth Development

We’ll be able to offer some local teenagers who are already at Stage 3 / racing level, to then further develop their skills and aim to become Instructors at the age of 16. Creating employment opportunities for Assistant and qualified Dinghy Instructors.
Project 4

Regular RYA Sailability Sessions

These regular sailing sessions will be available for people with disabilities, no matter what their age or ability, to help them learn a new skill, experience freedom on the water and enjoy a great social life.

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"Do your little bit of good where you are, it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."

Archbishop Desmond Tutu


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local School children enjoyed a Sailing Taster Session in 2019
local people aged 60 and over and some connected with dementia enjoyed a Sailing Taster session in 2019


No activity due to Covid-19


local primary school children took part in a 6 week sailing program
local children attended weekly sailing lessons
local adults attended sailing lessons
local youngsters attended sailing lessons to improve their skills to become Instructors

People with various disabilities enjoyed a sailing lesson or two.